About Me


I started Romp & Saunter because my ultimate goal is world peace, and I believe that traveling to new places and experiencing different ways of life is the way to get there. When you understand someone, acceptance and love follows. Plus, it’s a hell of a good time.

When I travel, parts of myself get unlocked that I didn’t know I had and never would if I had stayed home. Even living in a big city like Los Angeles with all its variety and daily wonder, I subconsciously construct a bubble of routine and expectations. I travel because I want my life to exceed my own expectations.

I am a part of this world and so I want to partake in this world. What better way than to see our planet for myself and talk with people I could otherwise never have met and befriended; Fijian fishermen, a Rastafarian Thai fire dancer, a wilderness guide in Costa Rica, the happiest man in Montenegro… not to mention the countless other travelers along the way.

Coming home from a journey, my mind is wide open and my heart is bigger than ever before. Travel helps me appreciate my own country and see it in a new light with each return.