About You


You’re ready to get out of that cycle of work-sleep-eat-rinse-repeat. Places you’ve never seen call to you and you’re craving the scent of unknown spices.

You want out of your bubble, the all inclusive resort, or the cruise packages, and instead see the world in a personal way.

Get inspired for your next adventure then work with me to get the adventure started.


run into the ocean when it’s raining. joke around with strangers. dance in public. rent the jeep. scream with happiness. let the wind blow in your hair. take a flask. attend the local game.  make faces at kids. take the side quest. write funny songs with your friends. go jump in a lake.


take the scenic route. stop at roadside stands in the middle of nowhere and buy whatever they’re selling. swing in the hammock til the sun goes down. walk down the street and look in every shop window. find a cafe with a good view and stay there all afternoon. smell the goddamn flowers.