TRAVEL DIARY: The Hidden Coastal Village of Omiš, Croatia

Just sixteen miles south of Split lies the ancient pirate cove of Omiš, Croatia. Steep towers of limestone encircle the town on three sides, while a wide, deceptively calm river cuts it in two before spilling out into the dazzlingly blue sea. Small boats clog the marina on either side of the single bridge that [...]

TRAVEL DIARY: In the Cool Shade of Cambodian Hospitality

The serene city of Battambang, Cambodia was quickly fading in the rear-view mirror of our $8 motorbike rental. My friend, Janna, and I took turns randomly shouting “left, right, straight!” reveling in our quest for the apex of authenticity and charm sure to be at the end of an “undiscovered” dirt road. I imagined stumbling [...]

HOT LIST: The Coolest AirBnBs in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is chaotic with pockets of serenity. Minimalist ultra modern apartments with luxury rooftop pools look out onto ancient wats and merchants selling their wares from wooden boats. In short, anyone can find something to love about Bangkok. AirBnB is a fantastic way experience a new city - you have more privacy, it can feel [...]